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Young Man's Journal
A Boy's Guide to Godly and Practical Living

Mission Statement

The purpose and mission of Young Manís Journal magazine is to teach and guide boys in how to practically and selflessly fulfill the Biblical roles God intends them to live out as leaders and heads of their own homes and to help them grow in wisdom and fear and love of the Lord.  Focus will be on the skills needed to maintain what God has given them stewardship over such as home maintenance, mechanics, and woodworking as well as farming, outdoors, and fun projects.  Boys will also have an opportunity to learn by example through the stories of Godly boys and men.


Main Sections:
1.) Around the House- To cover home Maintenance and improvement.
2.) In the Barnyard- Animal husbandry
3.) In the Field- To cover the growing of crops, etc.
4.) Woodworking- Projects and techniques
5.) Mechanics- Instruction in things mechanical
6.) The Outdoorsman- Instruction and projects for outdoor skills
7.) A Heart of Giving- Projects for others
8.) Youthful Pastimes- Projects to include, for example, forts, go-carts, science experiments, etc.
9.)  A Young Man's Journal- An article featuring a young man of interest and his ministry.  These will be written by the young man himself and open to reader submission.

1.) Character Matters- A character lesson
2.) In the Word- A Bible lesson
3.) Reader questions answered
4.) The Way Things Were- A lesson from history.
5.) Funny You should Ask...- Reader humor
6.) Reader photo submissions
7.) Tips and Hints (reader submissions)
8.) Shop Skills- Teaches a basic skill
9.) Lessons from Nature
10.) Lessons in Stewardship
11.) Nate's Review- Book and product reviews written by Nate Gunter
12.) As Iron Sharpens Iron- Biographies of God-fearing men from the past and present (open for reader submission)













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